Al-Imarat Ball
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All C’Avenir Bakhoor uses 100% organic Oud/ Agarwood woodchips as the base raw material. It is then soaked in various perfume oil to add on to the smell of the Oud/Agarwood woodchips.

When making C’Avenir Bakhoor, we take it to pride that our bakhoor is of high quality and is able to maintain its exotic fragrance throughout your home/ space when is being burned. 
C’Avenir Bakhoor will assist in improving mental clarity and able to repel negative spirits. Moreover, your house will smell relaxing and intriguing after burning the bakhoor, suitable to welcome guests especially on special occasions. It is also believed that bakhoor can enhance one’s creativity and improve efficiency.

You will feel like you are in heaven of flower when you burn C’Avenir Al-Imarat Bakhoor. The floral smell does not overpower the oud, perfectly blended to give you the exquisite scent that will make you want for more.

C’Avenir Bakhoor can be burned in either an electric burner or through traditional charcoal burning in a Mabkhara. C’Avenir Bakhoor scent is durable and can last up to 2 days in a close door environment.
How to burn:
First, take a piece of charcoal disc and heat a corner of it with small flame using a cigarette lighter or matchsticks till you see sparks traversing the coal. (Be careful not to burn yourself - Handle with metal tongs or similar instruments).

Secondly, place the hot piece of coal in a Mabkhara/incense burner. Wait for 2 minute and sprinkle small amount of the C’Avenir Bakhoor on top of the coal.

Now sit back relax and enjoy the fragrance as it gradually fills up the room and the whole house with the luxurious aroma.
Storage Instruction: Keep it cool in dry places.
Shelf Life: 1 year

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