C'Esencia Premium Oud Attar (6 Types)
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RM 180.00
10 g
Oud Attar

Harvested and distilled from our own plantation in Malaysia, this essential oil comes with many benefits.
Attar Oil also known as essential oil, is a Natural Perfume Oil derived from botanical sources. These are pure and natural perfume free of alcohol and chemicals. Suitable to be given as gifts.

Currently we have various different scent available. Our standard bottle comes in 10ml each. We do have tester sample kit for 2ml bottles for you that are unsure which would be suitable for your needs.

Oud Rose             Oud Amber     
Oud Jasmine        Oud Honey
Oud Tobacco        Oud Balsam

How to Apply Attar?

The recommended way to experience the fragrance or attar is to apply it to the inside of each wrist and dab a little behind each earlobe with the inside of your wrists before it dries.  You may also apply to the back of each knee, inside of elbow joints and back of your neck so the fragrance envelops you.

A small drop is enough to be used as a fragrance on the body as the body heat only intensifies its smell. The attar will dry down in a few minutes after which you will experience its charming scent.

A few drops of attar can be added to water and used with aromatic vapour lamps. It can also be used to fragrance the potpourri. Due to its natural derivation, Attar scent will last longer than most synthetic perfume.


It is said that Attar Oil has many benefits such as:
  • Removing negative energy
  • Calming of one's mind
  • Able to change one's mood
  • Sleep better
  • Boost confidences & many more!!!

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