Juicy Vetiver Bottle (100ml)
Juicy Vetiver Bottle (100ml) Perfume C'Avenir Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Selangor Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Perfumer's Lab & Academy Sdn Bhd
Top note
- Peach (Natural), Apricot (Natural), Passion Fruit, Plum

Heart note
- Coconut, Tonka Bean, White Chocolate, Almond, Cinnamon, Dried Fruits

Base note
- Madagascar Vanilla, Tolu Balsam, Vetiver Oil Madagascar, Malaysian Agarwood, Thai Benzoin
A gourmand scent - the fragrant fruity flavours which harmoniously intertwine with delicious almond and chocolate aromas, will leave you craving for more. It will be then rounded up by bourbon vetiver and oud. It is suitable for a sensual date night where you would like to impress a special someone.

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